Part Four – Awakening By Slowing Down

What if the only thing you had to do to fully awaken was to sit down and do nothing?  Slowing down in your life so you can be present to what is going on is all that is needed.   Doesn’t life seem too hectic?  It is and slowing down will bring you into a more peaceful and enlightened state.

Slowing down and doing nothing are about moving away from doing and moving toward being.  When you are just being, you are present to life in a receptive and peaceful way.  Slowing down is about being in the now mindful of your thoughts, sensing your emotions, and settling into a peaceful presence in your body.  It is a joy to be in the moment and to be aware enough to fully appreciate all that can be known in the now.

How do you slow down? Think of life in general being full-speed ahead with everything in a rush and rarely any time to even notice what is going on inside or around you.  Slowing down is: to take a step back from the action; to notice the beat of your heart; to feel the life force of your breath flowing in and out of you; to pay attention to your thoughts, to sense the ups and downs of your emotions; and any other way of being fully present to what is going on in you in the moment.  Any of this inward awareness causes you to slow down. 

You can slow down through meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, prayer, and other contemplative practices.  You can slow down by slowing down.  Instead of rushing to a place walking or in your car, you can move at a relaxed pace, take a scenic route, pay attention to where you are instead of just going to get somewhere.  You can slow down by participating with life at a relaxed pace, in a friendly way, or for the enjoyment of whatever you are doing.  Creative expression can’t really ever be done in a hurry.

You can slow down by taking one step at a time.

Once you slow down and see how enjoyable it is, you will want more of these experiences.  Soon you will see at least parts of your life have taken on a quality of peace and appreciation for living that feels uplifting. 

Now sit back, take a long slow breath in and out, contemplate the practice of slowing down and then do nothing for a while until you are guided to glide towards some expression in you that comes from your soul or sings in your heart.