Part Five: Awakening Through Exploring Energy

Energy is a great measure for how open you are.  If you have no energy, you are not open.  If you feel full of energy you are open.  By open it means that your mind and heart are open.  When either your mind or heart is closed you restrict your energy. 

In essence all spiritual work could be called energy work.  The higher your connection to Spirit, the higher your flow of life force or energy.   If you have an open heart and an open mind then you are in the flow of spirit, which manifests as energy.

The basic question for this path of awakening is, “Am I alive with energy or am I blocking energy?”  Any lack of energy flow is because you are blocking it.  Blocking can be in the form of: rigid thinking, resentments, emotional denial and repression, unfinished business with others and situations, turning away form those you love, being self-critical, living in the past or the future, need to be right, judging others, denying pleasure, addictions, and other forms of limited thinking and detrimental behaviors.

Being open is so much more joyous, peaceful, compassionate and hopeful.  You can be open by: doing your best to keep open; by moving towards a deeper connection with others; by keeping your heart open through open thoughts; by being open to a wide variety of ideas, points of view, cultures, wisdom traditions, and beliefs; by focusing on what you appreciate; by practicing kindness; by helping those in need; by listening with compassion; and by being supportive and encouraging towards yourself and others. 

As you go through your day you can watch to see if you are opening or closing in any given situations.  This watching as to your state of contraction or openness will give you clear feedback about how available you are to life.  Open or closed, energized or depressed, it all depends on you. 

Your heart is the most important component in the energy of your life.  If you have an open loving heart, you will feel full of the energy of life.  This is why being compassionate, loving, kind, and caring to others feels so energizing.

The focus of your mind is another essential part.  If you focus on exploring life receptive to all it offers, if you keep an open, appreciative and positive mind then you will feel the limitless energy available to you. 

The spiritual force that flows through you is always waiting to be expressed.  It is most powerfully realized when the heart and mind are in the flow of the now, open and expressing you as fully as you can.