Part Six: Awakening Through Self-Acceptance

Most people struggle at times (if not all the time) with being ok with who they are.  This struggle however keeps you and I from awakening to what is possible in us because we are so busy not being ok with who we are.   Not accepting yourself is a roadblock that needs to be removed if you truly want to be a more conscious and alive human being.  

The following are 25 ways to explore and expand your positive sense of self, which will help you step into deeper and deeper awareness and ultimate liberate you to awaken in so many ways:

  1. Today forgive and release all the past and live in the now, awaken can only happen in the now
  2. Acknowledge and accept all your feelings, respecting your feels expand your consciousness
  3. Make sure your self-talk is positive and supportive so you can be receptive to insights
  4. Keep your mind open and your thoughts positive and awakening happens naturally
  5. Be aware of your body and listen to its needs and you will be in touch with a great force for self-discovery
  6. Establish contact with your Higher Self and you will be talking with the Divine
  7. Make a list of all the things you do well and in appreciation you will feel more self-aware
  8. Spend time each day being more aware of who you are and that naturally helps you to find your true nature
  9. Silence the inner critic and be welcoming to what wants to be known from inside
  10. Find ways to deepen your relationships with those you love, expanding love means expanding who you are
  11.      Live in the moment not in the past or future, there never is insight in the past or the future, only in the moment
  12. Have compassion for yourself and others because compassion comes from an awakened heart
  13. Be honest with yourself at all times then you self-inquiry is true and powerful
  14. Give up trying to seek the approval of others and you will see what matter is only the discovery of your higher nature
  15. Become comfortable with expressing your uniqueness and in that expression, self-understanding will blossom
  16. Set realistic expectation for yourself and that keeps you exploring what is possible within you
  17. Live with purpose, do what gives your life meaning
  18. Be active in your growth and your life long learning will be very enriching 
  19. Be mindful each day and the result will be a more conscious human being
  20. Focus more on being and less on doing, in being awareness will be present
  21. Be internally focused and less concerned about the outside world and you will sit in the wisdom of the moment
  22. Listen and follow your intuition, this internal guidance system will take you higher and higher
  23. Find and explore the spirit within and you will find your oneness with the highest of consciousness
  24. Go for a walk and learn to slow down because in the slowing down you can awaken even more powerfully
  25. Experience the joy of being you and in the joy of discovery you will become what wants expression inside

Hope you found these ideas inspirational and make use of them soon.