Part Seven: Awakening Through Adversity

These times you and I live in offer unique opportunities to awaken to our higher nature.  When the world seems all mixed up and the economy is not working for most then this can be a great time to look inward in search of insight and personal growth.  Adversity can be a time to watch our reactivity, which when watched inwardly can bring awareness about who and how we are that would benefit from the light of consciousness. 

Now if you don’t know adversity then count yourself fortunate but if you do let’s explore how struggle can enrich your life.  First lets start with the idea that mindfulness along the way of the ups and downs in life can be very helpful.  If you can be mindful when you check your balance online and see “no money” in your bank account then you could feel how you feel, sense the fear arise, watch your mind go on overdrive, and notice the body tighten wandering about how it will be fed.  

This reaction to a set of numbers is informative.  You may go into outright fear and panic.  You could make a life changing decision and go about setting yourself up financially for the rest of your live.  You could simple move money from one account to another.  You could fall into self-doubt and stir the inner critic into full activation.  All these responses bring light into who you are and how you deal with life.  With awareness you then can make choices about changes you want to make both internally and in your life. 

Remember there is no good or bad or right or wrong about much of the dramas of life, there is just opportunities to be more aware and conscious.  If you choose consciousness then the ups and downs are just the ride and your state of mind and heart shape the experience.   A few good questions to ask: how do you grow from the experiences you face; what in you needs to expand or shift to be a more realized human being; what inner guidance is available to show you how to express yourself with more heart and wisdom? 

You know you have awakened to what is possible in you, when you can step aside and enjoy the drama for what it is, learn from it and then take your life higher.  In the mind you could even change all your dramas to comedies.  Stepping aside can be your higher self, the spirit within, the impartial self, or whatever name you want to give this watching free of judging; this watching that is aligned with the great wisdom of the universe.

Adversity is a friend on the journey of life.  It is positive thing to become friends with the struggles and hurdles because they seem to be placed in front of you to invite you to awaken.