Part Nine: Awakening Through Gratitude

A friend sent this excellent video from a site called Soul Biographies and it was about gratitude.  Gratitude and appreciation are really powerful for shaping a person’s experience of life.  As I have mentioned before, Oprah has stated that her gratitude journal has been the key to her success.  So gratitude can bring success and it can also help us to become more conscious human beings.

Gratitude brings you present, in the moment everything is possible including awakening.  In gratitude you replace whatever occupied your mind with a thought of appreciation, of hope that life can continue in such a rich and rewarding way.  These moments of gratitude brighten the rest of your day.

How do you develop a practice of gratitude?   

First make it a priority each day to note what you are grateful for, this is best done towards the end of your day when you can review all that went well and felt good.  Just taking a few minutes to appreciate what you are grateful for sends out an energy that will bring more to appreciate.  The more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you find them.

Second in this moment as you read this look around or tune in and see what you appreciate right now.  This being present throughout your day to tune in and feel grateful will enrich how you experience everything.  The negatives of the world seem to drop into the background when you are fully present to what you appreciate. 

You are invited to start a journal, do a before sleep gratitude review or throughout your day note often what you feel gratitude for and all that you appreciate.  This will awaken you to how wonderful life can be and make you a happy and understanding human being.