Exciting Changes!!! More To Come Soon!!!

Tomorrow, I will bring you Part 10 of my simple ways to awaken series.  Today I am excited because my wife and I have decided to take a big leap of faith and make a major move.  I am ready to expand what I do because I feel my purpose is calling me do express myself in new and more expansive ways.  My wife too is ready to leave old patterns behind and to explore her intuitive and creative callings.   Within 30 days we will have a U Haul loaded up with all our possessions and heading to the West Coast.

What I mean about my purpose calling me is that I feel the need to get out into the world more and spread consciousness, compassion, assist others in opening their minds and hearts, finding their purpose, peace of mind and the freedom inside necessary to live a full realize life.   

The plan is to continue my blog (most likely changing the format), offering more services, do more writing, and begin what we feel is the most important work of our lifetime.  We have in mind to start a movement (not sure if movement is a good word here) that will spread out into the world and encourage and inspire people to find their own freedomFreedom is our birthright if we choose to live with an open mind, open heart, with a clarity of purpose, and in alignment with the guidance of our spirit/soul/higher self.  

We will share with all those interested the skills needed and helpful practices to open minds and hearts, to show how to live with purpose and in harmony with our highest nature.  We are confident these ideas, skills and practices are so needed at the times we live in.  We are confident that the joining of this movement and the exploration of personal freedom will be very liberating and make a very positive difference on the planet.

Soon there will be more, a website, books, lots of inspiration and a way to join with others to set ourselves free.  

Would you join us?