Part Ten: Awakening Through Change

This way of awakening is particularly of interest to me as I move forward with my wife and venture into a new and exciting life free of the restrictions of employment but also without a safety net.  Think Indiana Jones having to trust in the invisible bridge over an endless abyss.  Think also have the passion of knowing what is the next right step and the confidence of doing something I have been waiting all my life to do.

The awakening part comes not in reaching the goal but in the journey.  The bumps and potholes along the way are the thoughts of self-doubt, fear and the unknown.  The replacement blacktop is the never before experienced expanded level of confidence, the trust the universe is lining up in support, and a knowing sense of this is my purpose now. 

Watching the thoughts, the resultant emotions and the past tendencies trying to resurrect themselves are ample material for the work of awakening.  In other words change is a button pusher, change gives you feedback about how flexible, how open, how willing you are to take life straight on.  Now this life of change is not about trying, it is about doing from a place of consciousness (also called being).  If you really want to see what you are made of, just move into change mode and watch the fireworks go off inside. 

The inner practices to go with change are mindfulness, slowing down and just be present to what is arising.   As you watch yourself in full blown reactivity to the unknown you meet, you get to observe dispassionately and see what needs a splash of growth and what needs a major overhaul.  Fortunately you have the capacity to learn and grow in ways that will transform you more easily then you would ever imagine.  If you find yourself adapting slowing/resistantly, you can view that as helpful feedback.  With that feedback you can go in search of ways and practices that free you up so you can express all that is possible within you.


Change can be stressful if you hold to the past, have mixed feeling, or question yourself.  If you are clear, then the way of awakening is to go for what you intuitively know/sense is true for you.  Each step is a window of opportunity to see if the past and conditioned mind are the driving force or the inner knowing and heart are showing you the way.  Just remember that awakening is the goal and personal freedom the reward.