Set Yourself Free, Happy 4th of July

Today is the Fourth of July and I am feeling spunky about life.  Spunky because I feel inspired about a purpose that I know in my heart is worth all the efforts in me and utilizes the skills and knowledge I have acquired over a life of passionate exploration and helping others.  Over the next few months my wife and I are going to put together plan to help bring freedom to everyone interested in moving from ordinary to extraordinary. 

This plan will be based on the idea that if you and I and the rest truly want freedom, we must have our hearts and minds open.  Can we imagine a world where everyone is open in their hearts and their minds are expansive enough to let in all possibilities?  

This holiday today is about freedom.  On a personal level this is freedom to shape our own destiny, freedom from the tyranny of limiting thoughts, freedom to love and have compassion unending.   There is no freedom when our hearts are protected, guarded and closed.  There is no freedom when we hold ourselves back by having limiting beliefs, by focusing on negativity, and by living in fear because of our own thoughts.

Soon this blog will evolve in a number of unique ways, new resources will be made available, and movement will begin to expand inviting everyone to participate.  Stay tuned and by the end of Summer things will be cooking.   You won’t want to miss this new expanding direction because it will be fun, energizing and freeing on may levels.

Well with July in full bloom it is time to start making this move happen.  Move to the coast, move inside to higher levels of expression, and move out into the world to invite everyone to find their way to personal freedom.  Have a wonderful holiday!