A Deeper Examination Of Your Interior State Of Being

After my post yesterday I felt I wanted to share my thoughts about a few of the quotes from the two of the books I am reading.  The following is what got stirred in me in response to the ideas posted.

“The only sin is self-hatred.”  First I don’t believe in the existence of sin but if there is such a thing then hating oneself would be a sinful thing to do.  Our very nature is infinite and beautiful in so many ways.  If we can just step beyond the limiting beliefs and mixed up perspective of our lifetime of conditioning, we can experience the wonder of who we are.   “You are beautiful, be, be, be” goes right with this idea of seeing the deeper truth of your nature.

Love is affirmation.  You are God.  Give us your blessing.”  These statements "rock" because they say so much about what is possible within us.  Any love we partake in is an affirmation about who we are.  We have an endless capacity to love, be kind, and show compassion.  Why not expand our expression of love each day in some way.

Our nature is purely Divine, we are made up of the same exact stuff of whatever Source is behind the creation of the universe.  How could we not be one with the Great Creative Force?

If we tune in and be with our higher nature, we can be a source of light and grace in everything we do.  Being that light, being that inspiration to the world would be an incredible blessing.  Why not make it your intention every day to spread light and love?

“The only real solution is to take the seat of witness consciousness and completely change your frame of reference.”  This is a powerful solution but it will take a real commitment and strong intentions.  Yet this solution is not that complicated once you begin to develop a witnessing presence within.  The ability to look at yourself free of judgment, free of criticism, and with a spacious heart will naturally change your frame of reference.  You are never the story of your thoughts or the drama of your life and to fully realize that would be very liberating.

Here are several more ideas inspired by Michael Singer’s book:

How would you feel if someone outside really started talking to you the way your inner voice does?”  Can you imagine someone talking to you as much as you talk to yourself?  If someone did talk that much, you would most likely turn and run from them as fast as possible.  Have you noticed how talkative your mind is?  Is your inner dialogue supportive and compassionate or fearful and critical? 

Be well and love and blessings.