10 Ways To Help Realize Your Potential

Self-realization is a very positive idea about growing into our potential.  Self-realized people often have a deep connection with their hearts, open and peaceful minds, a knowing relationship with spirit, and a passion for life.  I believe it was Abraham Maslow in his research about healthy and happy people that came up  with the idea of a self-realized human beings.

It seems to me one of the reasons you and I are here is to realize what is possible within us.  Each person has an unlimited number of possibilities and potentials.  This means we can live a very exciting life just simply by discovering what is possible in us.

How are you exploring those potentials in your life?  How do you get in the way of more fully expressing your possibilities?

If you want to feel good about yourself and your life, growth is necessary and realizing what is possible in you is what growth is all about.  The following are 10 questions and ideas you will find very helpful if you want to be more a self-realized person:

  1. What do you want to do more than anything in your life?  If you answer that question you will be guided by a knowing inside towards a more fully realized human being.
  2. Where do you feel drawn to explore, to investigate some aspect of life?  This wanting to explore is a calling toward a higher realization of who you are.
  3. What makes you feel all excited as if you can’t get enough of it?  This is the energy of aliveness calling you towards where you know inside is a place to go exploring.
  4. What strong desires flow through you?  These desires are there inviting you to go in search of more growth
  5. What do you dream of, hope for or spend your time thinking about?  This inner focus is a direct call to express more of what is waiting inside.
  6. What have you wanted to do since you were a kid?  These early hopes can express the purpose of why you came into this life
  7. What do you do in your life today that gives you a great feeling of satisfaction?  This satisfaction is a clear sign that you are on the right track towards what waits in you for expression.
  8. Who inspires you by how they live their life?  Those that inspire you speak directly to the part of you that longs to be expressed
  9. What turns the light on inside you mind and heart?  If the light goes on that means some part of you is home and ready to take your life in a higher direction.  Expressing your potential is always a movement towards your higher nature.
  10. What edge calls you to explore?  Walking the edge between fear and playing safe when it is right can stretch you into new ways of seeing and expressing who you are.

Answering these questions can take you in unlimited directions and enrich your life in endless ways.