Are You Ready To See The True Nature Of Your Mind?

Most people have no idea about what is going on in their own mind.  When asked they will say not much or seem not concerned. Actually there are tens of thousands of thoughts going on each day inside all of us and they completely shape our experience of life.  So what is going on does matter.

Try this experiment: when you get up tomorrow morning listen to every thought that comes up.  By breakfast you should have some idea that there is a lot of words and ideas rapidly flowing through you. If you are feeling brave keep paying attention to you inner dialogue through your morning until lunch.  Pay particular attention at times when you can just listen inward and not be distracted.  Do all of this without judging, just watch and become aware.

What you will find out is a number of things about your mind.

You will see you mind is almost constantly judging you and the world around you

You will notice that your mind feels uncomfortable when you have even a moment when the mind is not busy

You will find how much the mind wants to be in control of everything it encounters

You will learn that fear is present most of the time about so many things

You will see that your mind is more comfortable with struggle than with things going well 

You will hear inside that you spend an amazing amount of time rehearsing upcoming situations or endlessly going over events from the past

You will discover that there are many things and situations the mind obsesses about

You will find your mind is stuck in cycles of complaining and blaming and feeling stuck

You will notice that you have many beliefs that run you and yet you are not even sure where they came from

You will realize that for you to be in silence can be very unsettling

You will come to understand that your mind will do anything it can to distract you when feelings come up you don’t want to deal with

You will hear that the mind is hardly ever present

You will become very aware of how your thoughts create your experience of life

Yet most seem almost allergic to tuning into their mind and get to know its natureWhy do you think that is?  Will denial of what’s going on inside make you feel better or take away the struggle or suffering?  What if you became watchful and impartial enough that your mind became a supportive and encouraging friend in your life?  

Please share with others what you learn so that they to can see the true nature of their own mind.  Can you imagine a world where most people had friendly, inspirational and peaceful minds?