Drop Opinions And Search For Truth

I have returned from my one day rant about politics after a long hiatus from the unreality of the political realm.  Politics run deep in me because my family has always been involved.  As I have matured and become a more conscious human being I have moved away from strong opinions in search of truth and a peaceful way to view the world and my fellow human beings. 

Opinion has nothing to do with finding the truth and that is somewhat baffling to me.  People seem to like to find what the think about things and then often insist that others think the same way.  This flaw in this elevation of the importance of opinion has two components.

The first aspect of the flaw is the mistaken idea that we can actually trust what we think about things.  Our thoughts are hardly ever formed in the pursuit of clarity and truth.  Instead these words that pass through our mind are often more stimulated by reactivity and conditioning.  This makes most opinions just words we have in some way become attached to probably for the purpose of being right.  

The second flaw is that opinions lead to close minds and often closed hearts.  There is nothing liberating about an opinion because our mind gets trapped into holding onto what our ego thinks is right.  Sadly too is that strong opinions often cause us to push people away who thinking differently.  In other words if a person thinks differently then we do then we may close our heart to them.  This pushing others away because of our opinions even happens in families where love is essential to the well-being of all the members.  The sad loss of love is because of mistaken thoughts leading to a blocked heart caused by the ego’s need to be right.

Frankly opinions trap a person into believing themselves and to often pushing others away.  This is not personal freedom but more like a trap set upon oneself because of our faulty thinking. 

Questioning our own thoughts is always a good thing to do to help keep our minds and hearts open.  Our world community needs far fewer opinions and much more heart and clarity of thoughts.