Social Activism Is Need By YOU

I have very little time for a post tonight with running a late treatment group and an early pre-court hearing in support of one of my clients in the Drug Court.  However, I feel the need to make a few political comments even though I have been restraining myself because I don’t like to focus on what is wrong. 

What I want to say is a couple of things: one is that politics has become a very disappointing game with very little truth, lots of misinformation, and the impressively negative influence of money that shapes everything that happens in Washington DC and most of the State Houses.   America is in deep trouble not because government is bad but because our elected officials are owned by those that have all the financial influence.   This is in fact true because every elected representative has to raise so much to get elected and those with resources are glad to pay for influence.  We need a total reform of the election process that eliminates all funds paid for influence.

The second thing I need to say it that we are now mistakenly engaged in three wars which are killing thousands of innocent people and breaking our national budget for the two purposes: one is to satisfying the unenlightened motives of the ego mind and the second is to make money for those who profit from war.   We need to become more conscious human beings so we can evolve past the need to kill each other to show who is boss.  We also need to eliminate the war machine from our economy so people don’t profit from killing other human beings.   

The time is now and we are the ones that need to take peaceful but clear action.