Freedom Through The Realization Of Your Highest Nature

Lately we have been having at least one and sometimes several pounding thunderstorms a day and those really get your attention.  When I was a kid I was told that thunder came from God moving furniture around in heaven.  The things we are told?  Now I see it more as the planet saying respect Mother Nature or we will get burned.  Isn’t it interesting that what we think about things shape how we view them?

I wanted to tie the post to my one this weekend.  The idea of realizing our divine nature keeps whispering to me that I need to pay attention.  I understand now at a deeper level that if I think of myself as divine then I will experience life from that perspective.  Why not focus my thoughts and heart on freeing myself from the haunts of the past and instead expand into the infinite potential waiting within.  

(This collage is from a series I did on Being Here Now by Ram Dass)

Since I am now fully expressing the Divine in human form: I have an endless capacity to love; I am an open channel of heavenly inspiration and creativity; I have fully awakened to my highest knowing; I spread light wherever I go for the benefit of all: and I heal so that I might uplift others to heal themselves.   Wow that a lot to take on and I need to be easy on myself enough to relax and flow into my divine potential and at the same time always be mindful of my intention and attention.

My intention is expressing my highest nature every day in every way.  My attention is a mindset of always showing up, being my best, and having fun doing it.   Any falling back into old ways and limiting self-talk needs to be corrected with loving kindness at the moment of insight and then place myself back on track. 

I am the divine poured in human form.  In an easy and relaxed manner in a healthy and positive way, I am the divine poured into human form spreading love, insight, light and healing.  This expression of the realization of my divine nature is pure freedom to be.