Divine In Human Form

I am revisiting a favorite inspirational set of talks that I now have as a book called Saints Alive by Hilda Charlton. 

Hilda was a very charismatic teacher who seemed to be in direct contact with a variety of Saints as she lectured in New York City for a number of years.  She inspired many people and her book version is so uplifting to me since I have heard many of her recording talks. 

 Today inspirational words came from an affirmation she shared from a holy man she spent time with in India.  Try this affirmation because it has a power to it that you can feel:  “I am the Divine poured into a human mold.” She says this is our true nature and she wonders, why we spend so much time arguing for our limitations?  

How come we argue for our limitations, our not being good enough, instead of accept and live as if we are Divine?  The answer from my work as a therapist for 30 years is that we are trained and conditioned to believe that we are anything but divine.  In fact most beliefs systems re-enforce every Sunday that we are sinful, and we should pray to help deal with all that is not right about us humans.  These faulty beliefs and the inaccurate lessons of growing up have so mixed us up that we need help to escape from the past.

What would it be like if you and I fully stepped into the truth of our higher nature, if we claimed our Divinity?  How would we live our life if we knew we were spiritual beings having a human experience?  Are we open enough in our minds and hearts to free ourselves to be a bright light in the world?

Try this affirmation for a week or longer and see what it does for you: I am the Divine poured into a human mold.  I like a slight adjustment: I am the Divine poured into a human form.  If we can live this awareness each of us will become an expanded human being and our light will shine wherever we go.