Seeking Support From Beyond

As I was recently experiencing some anxiety about the changes in my life I questioned myself about, who would I ask for help out there in the universe.  I am not a religious person but I still had a thought about praying or doing a kind of request from a great force somewhere in the heavens.  I am however a spiritual person and I do believe in a higher force but I am unsure what that is.  Would a pray help?

In my wondering who to ask for help, I went into a deeper questioning about my own beliefs.   Morgan Freeman (certainly not Jim Carrey) is probably not God although I like the image of him being the One.  Whoever God is seems to be more a collection of Christian beliefs, which I don’t feel aligned with.  So who would I pray to and for what purpose?

My purpose in praying was to soften my anxiety or reach out for a greater force then me to come to my aid in helping to make things work out better.  My prayer was a call in hopes of connecting to the creative and manifesting force of the universe and saying I am ready for a miracle here or something that makes thing happen in a positive way.  Still who/what this was directed toward is not clear.

I have to admit that I have considered so many ideas about this greater force that I am now under the influence of my questioning mind more than any beliefs.  This leaves me feeling unclear but an intuitive trusting resides inside.  What I sense is: that this Force is much greater than I yet not separate from me; that my higher nature, the spirit in me is one with this source; that I have in me unlimited capabilities both Divine in nature and divinely human; that this Creative Source does not sit in judgment in a place call heaven but more likely resides in the hearts of all of us if we are open in our minds and hearts.

I feel the freedom of not being tied to any dogma or so-called sacred text but I also lose out on the tentative confidence of blind-faith.  This leaves me with the hope that as I go deep within the great wisdom of consciousness the consciousness in me will be my guide in whatever form it takes.  This consciousness brings me into my highest expression, which is at least the best position I can put myself to create the results that matter to me.  Any additional help from the universe would be greatly appreciated.

This may all seem unclear because it is.  I suspect that people who are sure they know don’t.  May we all be blessed with uncommon grace by the greater force of the Universe.