Choosing Happiness Will Set Your Free

(There seems to be a problem here at my blog.  Sorry for the delays in the site coming up.   I am sending questions to Squarespace but so far no response which is unusual.)

I have been so much enjoying and growing from The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  If consciousness if what you seek, I recommend this book more than almost all the other books I have read.  Chapter 15 talks about the only choice we ever have to make and his perspective on this is so clear and enlightened.

That choice is: “Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy?” This question is so clear as to how you shape your life.  If you want to be happy you commit to that and then run all your life decisions and choices through that filter.  Will this make me happy?  If I do this will it support my commitment to be happy?  Am I willing to give up my happiness for this?  And other questions that are about either choosing happiness or not. 

If your not interested in choosing happiness then there is not much to look forward to and little hope things will get better. 

However if you choose happiness then all that comes your way will be opportunities to grow and live happily.  Yes there will be bumps and sometimes canyons in the road along the way but they are just testers to see how committed you are to being happy.  Happiness is not the product of situations or circumstances.  It begins inside and then if you want it can spread out into the world wherever you go.  Maybe your job is to spread happiness?  Nice job and you can have it if you want it.

Looks like we are heading to the Oregon Coast near Florence in two week and that will be our home for a while.  I am so excited and happy about this move and the new opportunities that will present themselves for me to help others choose happiness, find peace of mind and live with purpose.