The Dance Of Change

Yeah!!! My wife and I found a place to live on the Oregon Coast.  It is between towns but near Florence, Oregon and we will be about 3-4 football fields from putting our toes in the Pacific Ocean.  This move is about trusting our intuitive sense that boldness is required and that we are ready to have our lives expand in new and exciting ways.  The inner guidance is strong, the ocean is a huge draw, the reasonable cost of living a plus, and the enthusiasm for a new adventure makes this all seem right.  In about 15 days the ocean outside our door will be a reality.  

It has been so hot here in Boulder that a cool day at the beach sounds perfect.  My job is winding down, with a going-away lunch set for Weds.  The amazing people at work have been my closest Colorado family.  In Oregon I have brothers and sister and a Dad just few hours away.  That will be so awesome. 

It is fun to celebrate the changes of life.  The lunch this week, the goodbyes, and the new hello’s all bring spice that fills life with a rainbow of flavors.   I find that when I move into the transitions of life with energy and enthusiasm it makes the journey so vibrant and alive.

I have been incredibly energized now that my wife and I have moved into action.  Change always seems positive to me, even if there is doubts that come up or fearful moments of uncertainty.  Change means things as going to be different; it means the familiar will give away to the unknown and the mystery.  Who doesn’t like an adventure?

My blog themes lately have been on personal freedom and awakening through simple methods.  Change is definitely a direct method for awakening because it brings me out of my comfort zone and provides me with direct feedback about who I am and how I handle letting go and flowing with what is.  If I can watch my inner process, I can meet directly with myself and the lessons of life that come my way. 

The freedom that arrives from stirring things up is fun.  I get to liberate myself from the familiar and go in search of new experiences, insights and awareness.  This is very enlivening and liberating.