No More “Poor Me” If You Want To Be Free

One of the biggest traps to personal freedom is the idea that you are powerless.  It is so easy to fall into blaming others and circumstances and feel sorry for yourself.  The path of complaining only gives you more to complain about and makes you feel stuck and unable to do anything for the better.  The “poor me” state of mind is more adolescent and needs to be left behind.  A mature mind set is about taking responsibility for your life.

You are never powerless.  You always have the capacity to move into action and change things around.  You always have the capacity to change how you think and feel about situations you find yourself in.  You can always step back and observe and become a more conscious human being.

Here are a few ways to leave the poor me behind:

Move into positive action and create positive results

Change your thinking with an open mind to new opportunities

Connect with your heart and find compassion or act with kindness

Let go, release, and move on from your stuck places

Get physical, do something active and change the energy inside

Listen inward for guidance on how to move forward

Find your power and be bold, go for what you want

Look at how you can become a more aware and conscious person from the experience

Step away from what is going on, relax, and go in search of solutions

Seek out the wisdom and support of those who empower you

You are an amazing human being; all you have to do is realize it.