50 Simple Ways To Feel More Alive and Happy

I was thinking about what ideas I wanted to pass onto my clients as I leave my counseling job.  So I came up with these 50 ways to feel alive and happy.  I thought you might appreciate this list too.  Here is the list I am going to share with them today in one of my last groups:

  1. Each day choose to be happy
  2. Let yourself be guided by the wisdom of your heart
  3. Fully love and accept yourself and let your love spread out into the world
  4. Appreciate the beauty around you both in nature and in human creativity
  5. Spread you light out in the world
  6. Think positive thoughts, you’ll feel better
  7. Live each moment as fully as you can, be present to life
  8. Tune into nature (flow, sounds, vibrations, sights etc) and let it bring you healing
  9. Get physical, workout, stretch, build strength and endurance
  10. Express yourself creatively as often as you can
  11. Read books, listen to podcasts, checkout CD, DVD's that inspire you
  12. Be active in a support group or social network
  13. Build positive relationships with everyone you interact with
  14. Appreciate and express your uniqueness
  15. Each day do something to make the world a better place
  16. Lighten up and enjoy even your mistakes
  17. Be honest with yourself and others
  18. Make a commitment to live life enthusiastically
  19. Each morning visualize the wonderful results you want to create
  20. Explore lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences
  21. Challenge your mind to keep expanding
  22. Go for a vigorous walk or a slow meditative one often
  23. See life as an adventure and go exploring
  24. Make it your daily practice to have fun
  25. Volunteer for an organization or cause you believe in
  26. Be compassionate for those in need of support
  27. Get a pet and care for it, it will keep giving back
  28. Take time to be quiet and open to your inner wisdom
  29. Pick up a journal and write to express how you feel and who you are, no editing is needed
  30. Develop inner practices like mindfulness, meditation, prayer and other ways of going inward
  31. Make silence a part of your day
  32. Explore alternative healing practices
  33. Take a class or study what interests you
  34. Explore your unlimited human potential
  35. Do service work, help others
  36. Focus on what you are grateful for each evening before you go to sleep
  37. Make it a goal to set yourself free
  38. Learn to relax, take a nap, get the sleep you need and feel rested
  39. Learn how to be patient and slow down
  40. Question all your thoughts and beliefs, open your mind and go in search of your truth
  41. Be curious about life and the world
  42. Explore your spiritual nature in ways that are nurturing to you
  43. Acknowledge and embrace all your feelings
  44. Expand your consciousness and become a more aware human being
  45. Be open to all cultures and viewpoints
  46. Find time to connect with your higher nature, wise mind
  47. Make it your goal to spread happiness each day
  48. Find your unique purpose and express it with passion
  49. Eat with health and well-being in mind
  50. Be at peace with yourself in your mind, body and spirit 

What would add to this list?  Which ideas are you doing already?  Which ones are you willing to explore? Growth and activity always feels positive and uplifting even in difficult times.  Each day is waiting for you to create your own masterpiece.