Change, Energy, Focus and Spreading Light and Love

For the next two weeks there is going to be lots of focus on moving so my posts may enter into a more brief and inconsistency phase.  But this will just be a phase I am going through and before long I will grow out of it.  I love change and I am feeling energized so I my posts when then arrive will have the charge of positive change lingering about. 

The heat here is beginning to get old.  This morning the 60 degrees feel like a godsend.  I am not a believer in concepts like hell but relentless heat does not sound fun to me.  Of course gray skies and rain (Oregon Coast) gets really old too.  But no matter where you end up you still are faced with how you look at the circumstances you find yourself in.  You can focus on what isn’t working and be very unhappy or instead look to see what makes you feel good.

Your experience of life is about where you put your focus.  Recently I wrote about putting your focus on being happy.  That is a positive focus and it will help you be happy.  You could also focus on creating more freedom so you do things that make that happen.  You could focus on finding love in your life that begins with opening your heart.   What is it that you want to create in your life? 

My present focus is to get moved to our next home, then to take a month to release the secondary trauma of this job and get clear what I am going to do next.  My inner sense for now is that I will be writing, teaching self-inquiry/mindfulness/consciousness and leading retreats.  Simply put, I will be spreading light and love.  Would you join me and spread light and love also?