What If The Mind Is Infinite?


Over at American Public Media there is a free podcast series by Krista Tippett on Being where I often listen to interviews of leading edge thinkers.  This particular interview was of Richard Davidson about healthy minds.  These ideas came from his research of regular meditators (Buddhist Monks) using the latest neurological testing.  This interview shared a few of the very interesting results.  I want to go find our more.

One of the discoveries was that the mind has more capacities to change and adapt then was understood in the past.  Intuitively that makes sense and now they have scientific research to prove the neuroplacticity of the mind.  Neuroplacticity is the brains ability to reorganize itself.  This ability to change speaks to how much more there is still to understand about the capacities of the brain and mind. 

These new ideas seem to stimulate in me questions about how else can I expand and realize my own capacities?  It also seems to support my ongoing sense that we have infinite capacities and possibilities if we just simple go exploring.  Exploring is fun and makes life very interesting. 

A few specific questions immediately come to mind: What is the difference between the brain and the mind?  Is the brain a physical thing and the mind something more?  What if the mind is the creator of all of our experiences?  What if you and I can do just about anything our mind can conceive? 

We live in a time where there will be many more discoveries about the capacities of our brain and mind over the next 5-10 years.   There is no time to be board with so much yet to learn.  Have a good TGIF.