Leaving A Job Behind, Opening A New Door

The last official day at my job at Public Health Addiction Recovery was today.  The job has been great because I got to be of service to people with severe alcohol and drug issues and often significant mental health and legal issues.  I was able to make a difference with many of the people I counseled and that felt like I was living with a purpose that matters.  I also worked with many wonderful staff who often made this hard work fun.

Now my next step is to move my wife, dog and myself to the Oregon Coast and let the heaviness of that job drain out of me.  I plan to walk the beaches for the first month and release the past into the sand where the emotional baggage will be washed away by the blue Pacific. Water has such a healing quality to it as does long slow mindful walking.  An added bonus to the walks is the negative ions generated by the ocean waves.  Negative ions found in abundance on a beach naturally lift us up through a chemical reaction in the brain. 

A month or so walking the beaches will be very healing and then I will be ready to figure out, how can I serve others next?  I feel drawn to help people who are in life transitions.  I want to assist those interested in opening their minds and hearts, help them be happy, live with purpose, and find personal freedom and inner peace.  I have been doing this work for over 35 years so I know I can help a person enrich their life.  

Today however, there is more packing things up and getting my little truck ready for the trip.  In the midst of all this doing there is time to be mindful.  This moment to moment awareness allows whatever I am doing to be transformed into higher states of awareness which is always an enriching spiritual experience.  Have a good day.