Tragedy In Norway: How Can We Create A Better World?

The tragedy in Norway is awful and the people of that nation must feel so much grief and loss.  Let us all grow in consciousness and compassion from this experience. These kinds of situations are going to happen unless we as a human race begin to question our own thoughts.  Anders Breivik, the mass murderer, actually believed his own thoughts and seemed to think he was rationally carrying out something he thought needed to happen. This so called rational thinking has been the source of all wars and human atrocities.  Killing others can only be rationalized without examining our thoughts and without being connected to our hearts. 

The human ego always believes it is right and therefore bombards are thinking with ideas that support its agenda.  In Norway the killer’s ego thought he was superior to others and therefore he knew what he had to do.  This is all the work of the ego being right and others being wrong.  The human ego is a judging machine passing judgment on everyone and everything that is different then what it thinks is right.  All thoughts need to be questioned because our thoughts are not who we are, they are simply words we give meaning to. 

In the case in Norway the thoughts of the killer were terribly misguided, judgmental, fear driven, hateful and without any connection to his heart.  These tragic acts were heartless.  The mind can rationalize anything that is why we need to keep a constant watch over what we are thinking.  Each of us has the same capacity for rationalizing and if we don’t watch our thoughts and keep connected to our heart then we too are capable of terrible things.

The basic rules for a better world are:

Always question your thoughts, thoughts are not real, they are just words you give meaning to

If you are sure you are right then question your thoughts even more

Always stay connected to your heart; your heart knows the deeper truth

If you lack compassion in any situation go in search of your heart

Find your own truth; only you can know what is right for you

Finally question all belief systems that say they are right and others are wrong.  Those that lead belief movements like Fundamentalism or Religion of any kind are driven by the human ego

Peace to you all.