Life As A Teacher

Today's post happened when I needed a break from packing.  The moving truck gets picked up tomorrow.  I look forward to clearing this house out because we now have piles of full boxes ready to be relocated.  There never seems to be enough time or enough boxes to make a move happen.  Moving is good practice for being present and for watching the thoughts that come up in the midst of everything feeling disrupted.

I have noticed lots of energy to move forward and a restlessness in my body to get into action.  Ready to go is how my body feels and tomorrow the truck will allow me to move into action.

The mind has been serving up little doubts about the move because my ego prefers predictable and this is far from it.  If I watch my mind I can see the ego at work wanted to put some controls on the situation.  It is obviously hard to place controls on the unknown.  If I can be present and ok with what is, this process goes easily.

What I know is that this move will change things up in many ways.  I will use the time once the move is completed to deepen my inner practices and release the emotional baggage of my work.  The baggage is there and being busy with the move is not giving me time to process and release.  The month of August will be Part One of my release and healing.  My thoughts can either support this healing or clog it up.  I choose to step back and not be run by my thoughts but be more of a non-judging observer.

Everything will be ok when I am ok with everything.”  I saw this phrase in one of the books I am reading and it reminded me how simple life can be when I am in an aware, peaceful and accepting frame of mind.  Have a mindful day.