Finding Freedom Through Mindfulness

In the past I have often written about the power of being mindful.  I have explored mindful practice in different forms for much of my adult life and really would love to get you motivated to explore it for the rest of yours.  Mindfulness is a very simple but powerful method that will set you free in so many ways.  To find out what those ways are you must however be mindful.

Being mindful throughout your day might go something like this: 

You wake up in the morning and take few minutes to acknowledge this is a new day full of endless possibilities.   You then notice your thoughts about this upcoming day.  As you notice your thoughts see where they take you, is it toward excitement or dread, positive anticipation or fear of what emotions might get stirred.  Your emotions are the product of your thoughts.  So you start to shape your experience of the day by what your think and how that makes you feel.

Then as the day gets going you keep your focus on your thoughts and notice also how your heart is doing.  Are you open in your heart?  Is your thinking rigid or open?  What flow of emotions are crowding into your awareness?  If you watch without judging (as good or bad) the workings of your mind and heart much more will come up into your consciousness.  The more conscious you are the more you see yourself as you truly are.   The more true your self-understanding the more powerful your freedom.

Now the day is in full bloom and you get to see how you are fitting in as far as: are you present, are you engaged, are you open to new ideas, are you feeling compassion for self and others, are you closed down or protected in any way, are you afraid of losing control, are you happy or what else is going on? 

The day begins to wind down, where are you energetically?  Have you already shut down emotionally?  What beliefs in your own head have been holding you back? Where have you checked out?  Where have you deepened your own awareness?  What have you looked at more carefully in search of insight?  The questions keep on presenting themselves because you are in the moment fully awake to your process?

What have you learned about yourself from this day of exploration?  Who are you under the microscope of your own watchfulness?  What parts of you are in need of growth and healing?  What parts of you are ready to be set free and gallop joyously through life? 

There is always more to see, more to experience and more to gain insight about you.  This insight means you now are in the world with the wisdom to be truly free.