Three Out Of The Ordinary Experiences At The Beach

This morning as I did my sitting and walking meditation on the beach I was filled with gratitude for this place of such beauty.  It is as if I have more own private beach even though there is a Oregon State Park Wayside here called Bob Creek.  The people who stop don’t seem to venture very far from their cars, trucks and RV’s.  That is ok with me because I have about ¼ mile of beach to myself most of the time. 

Today while I was expanding outward and joining with this beautiful place I had three interesting encounters.  The first was a creature came from the hills and walked across the sand and entered the ocean and swam off.  I was like a weasel or something with a long slender body and four legs.  I have never seen this kind of animal before. 

Later I was sitting and entering into a state in which I was making contact with a highly evolved spirit (Christ consciousness)  and enjoying the grace of that when all of s sudden I hear noise to my right and I open my eyes and there is this deeply tanned and rugged looking older guy with a dolly (hand-truck) on the beach and a long strap or rope.  He seemed to appear out of nowhere.  He said he was looking for a piece of wood and he found it and hauled it away.  I have never seen that happen on a beach before either. 

The morning practice is beginning to take shape and I feel more at peace and more in the moment.  The sounds of the place and the beauty are so expansive that I just place myself in it and sit or walk in silence and so much of the grace of the moment flows through me naturally.  Just being fully present is so expansive in itself and then if I put intention to the experience everything becomes even more powerful.  My intention is to further awaken and to be an ever-expanding source of love and light.

 I am beginning to feel rested after a very stressful move and I feel as if I am releasing some of the trauma of the past job.  It feels so good to be relaxed and lighter. 

I send my love and light out to everyone who could use a dose, may you be at peace.