Touching Into The Ocean Of Consciousness

The wind was blowing, the waves were crashing, the smells of the ocean were surrounding and the sun was trying to break through the thin layer of clouds and then I was gone.  I slipped below my busy mind and the “I” of my ego was gone.  There was just the ocean of consciousness and my “self” was replaced by the Self of Oneness. 

Before my mind was noisily looking for what to do, then I felt the wind on me and saw the ocean and soon I was no longer an object touched by the wind but the wind itself; I was no longer the observer of the ocean but had merged with it and felt its vastness across the planet.  I felt at home.

Just a touch into the infinite, just moments of unity consciousness and I can still feel it over 22 hours past.  The call to merge further is welcoming and over the next while I will follow that call and become more deeply acquainted with what is eternal and infinite.  The more I return to this expanded state the more two different responses grow.

One response is to merge and be fully present to that place of unity and oneness and live in the grace and joy of that forever.  Bliss is a wonderful place to hang out and I know for sure that I need a bigger dose of this expansion so I can feel it out in the world.  Maybe this merging is what heaven truly is?

The second response is to come back so I can help others find this place of bliss and self-realization.   Coming back I think I can bring the frame of mind of unity while I help others.  I need to test out this idea of being the ocean of consciousness and also being present to others.   I do have a strong sense that staying out in bliss-land is not as important to me as helping others join me.

I am off to the beach for another encounter with the both the ocean and the ocean of consciousness.