A Question Of Faith

This morning the clouds are slowing giving away to blue sky.  There are people over at the state park across the street with a tear-drop trailer.   My wife is interested in checking it out.  Soon we may walk over to the ocean and enjoy the beauty of the day.

Here is a picture of our view of the ocean across the street from where we live.

My thoughts return to the question of faith.   What is faith and what role does faith play in our lives?  What can we have faith in?

It seems to me that faith is about trusting something that we can’t know for sure.  Is there a God, seems like many people have the faith there is?  Can we have faith in our government, seems like many people have lots of doubts?  Can we have faith in ourselves, what would that feel like?  Can a single religion be the source of all the truth and can we have faith in a belief system? 

My faith has evolved over my life.  As I have spent a lifetime of questioning, my faith has become more simple.  I do have faith in: the richness of the present moment; in my higher nature; in the power of love; in my connection to the consciousness of all beings; and in a greater source which my sense of whatever this is seems to be evolving.

What do you have faith in?  What beliefs do you have that you have looked at and have faith in?  Do you believe in a higher power and how do you relate to that power?  Is faith even something you think about and explore?

My upbringing was in the Catholic faith but as I explored my own truths I left the formal religion behind.  Not because it lacks value but because it seemed too layered in structure and authority.  I wanted a more direct path and through the inner practices, reading and exploring I have done for the last 35 years, I have a sense of a deeply spiritual and compassionate way of being in the world.  There is always new growth and opportunities for insight and awareness.  I can have faith in ever expanding levels of understand and consciousness. 

May you have faith in what matters to you.