Guided By The Light

The morning air is damp with sea air and blue fights to take over the morning’s clouds and another day begins here at our quiet little retreat on the Oregon Coast.  I was thinking about how important guidance is because we could all use some inspiration and direction at times.  Reading has always been a great source of guidance for me; so to has my intuition.  The guidance of others is also valuable and that is why people are drawn to inspirational teachers, mentors and gurus. 

It is the intention of this blog and of the work I do with others to provide guidance not from a know-it-all point of view but more as a fellow traveler who has explored and experimented with lots of ideas, methods and directions.  Over the next few weeks or so I am going to provide more focused guidance drawing from new inspiration and past ideas that seem true today.  I have five areas I want to initially offer guidance on and there may be more to come. 

The following are five areas of life that we would all benefit from helpful advise on: 

Expanding your mind and heart

Living with purpose

Finding peace and happiness

Caring for your well-being

Aligning with your spiritual force

These five directions for guidance will share some common themes but each takes a specific focus so that we might fully realize their potential is us. 

Yesterday we visited a beautiful lighthouse and I thought this is such a great metaphor.  The beacon of light from the lighthouse is what we all need when we are in the choppy ocean of life.  In my own humble way I want to be that lighthouse for those of you interested in a source of light for your guidance. 

Here is a picture of the Heceta Lighthouse and a view from the light keeper’s perspective. 


Here is an inspirational video called the Wayseer’s Manifesto if you feel you are different then most people

Stay tuned and I will share more soon.