We Can Rise Above The Challenges Of Our Life

Yesterday I ran and my wife walked in the bright sun on a windy day and then went to the most amazing place.  Cape Perpetua is a state park along the Oregon coast not far from where we live.  We went up 800 feet up into the park to where is overlooks the ocean.  The view was so amazing I am still buzzing from the excitement of being there.  On a clear day the sign says you can see 35 miles out into the ocean and 70 miles of the coast.  It was one of those clear days.  Everyone who comes to visit will get a chance to check this view out.  It is one visitors will not forget.

The advantage of looking down from high above is that everything seems smaller and less significant.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do the same thing with our life?  If we could look down at the stuff and dramas from far above we would be so much less caught up in things and we could relax more. 

The good news is we can rise above our lives and look down at it from a more detached perspective.  Mindfulness gives us that ability in a more metaphoric way.  “Out-of-body experiences” and forms of “stepping back” allow us to ascend above the stuff and noise.  When we are able to look down over the circumstances of what seemed so important down there on the ground, we are more able to consciously assess the situations we find ourselves in.  This above perspective allows us to watch with little or no attachment to results.   This non-attachment to results is a very freeing experience.  Imagine a life where we lived as fully as we could without worry or fear about what others may think or if we are doing things right.

Speaking of rising about the stuff of life, how about this idea: “Beliefs are simply thoughts we are unwilling to let go of.” When I read this I thought YES that is so right and my hope is that everyone who reads this will deeply consider the truth of this statement.  Most of us live our whole lives based on beliefs that are false, limiting or in need of a closer examination.  If we want to be free we need to place everything under the light of higher consciousness and true compassion to know what the truth is for our lives.