Ten Truths Worth Exploring

There seems to be so much uncertainty about life these days that I was thinking what do I trust to be true.  This is what is true for me and I highly encourage you to find what you know to be true for you.  Truth comes from experience, from heart resonance, from spending quiet time, from exploring ideas, and from being open to new insight and awareness.  The exploration of truth is a life long journey that fills you with joy and guides you to the life you want to create. 

The following 10 ideas are what I know to be true at this point in my exploration of life:

  1. The power of the mind to imagine, create and realize is unlimited.  Get clear what you want to make happen and do it
  2. In the quiet of your inner wisdom and intuition is all the knowing and consciousness of humanity
  3. All emotions are ok and if allowed to flow through your body will help keep you healthy
  4. The key to creating what you want in life is to raise your vibration.  Positive energy creates positive results
  5. If you choose to be happy each day, you will be
  6. Your spiritual nature is limitless and eternal and waiting to guide you
  7. Freedom, purpose and inner peace can be yours if you open fully to who you are
  8. Health comes from expanding your mind, feeling your feelings, caring for your body, and expressing your spirit
  9. If you learn to live in the now and be fully present to life you will experience true joy and peace
  10. Love is the most powerful force on the planet and you have an endless supply of love inside

What truths have you discovered?