Let's Try Being In The Moment

In this moment what are you aware of?  Let’s do a tune in and see what mindfulness you and I can bring to our lives in the now.

Where are you? What do you notice about your surroundings?  What do you see if you look up from reading this?  Look around; is there beauty?  What do you need to see with a fresh perspective? The things of life too often go unnoticed yet we placed them there with a purpose in mind.

Are there people or pets around?  Are they wanting to interact or keeping their distance?  Who provides you with support?  Who needs support from you?  Is there love flowing in your environment?  Are there powerful emotions that need to be expressed?  Is it a safe, creative, nurturing environment?

Now let’s go more inwardFirst what is going in your mind with these questions?  Is there openness about exploring the awareness of the moment?  Is the mind noisy or quiet?  Are you aware of the ego’s presence and its agenda?  Are you comfortable with silence?  Is your internal dialogue supportive and encouraging or judging and critical?  Is your mind open or invested in being right and in control?  What beliefs are guiding your life?  Are any of these beliefs limiting you?

How is your body doing?  Are you comfortable in your body?  What do you need to do to feel ok with your body?  Is your posture in alignment?  Where is there tension?  What is your body telling you that it needs?  Are you hungry or tired?  What ways does your body need to move to feel more alive?  What kind of energy do you have?  What shifts do you need to make to be more energized or more peaceful?

What emotions are you aware of?  Which emotions keep on coming up for you because something needs to shift?  Are you often upset, worried or angry?  Is your heart open?  Do you feel love flowing in you and where do you share love in your life?  Are you open to receiving love?  Do you have compassion for yourself and others?  Have you ever taken the time to just watch the energetic flow of emotions in you?  Are you willing to be ok with all your feelings?

Are you in touch with your divine nature, higher self, the spirit within you?  Do you listen to and follow the guidance of your spirit?  Is your intuition active in your life?  How do you make contact with a higher source, higher power, God, Great Spirit and other names of the sacred?  What is the guidance of your soul trying to tell you?  Do you have any inner practices that you use to take you into higher or more expanded states?  Are you willing to explore your inner practices often?

I hope you find these questions helpful, there are many more things you and I can ask and explore within.  The asking and exploring of self is mindfulness for daily living and it will provide you with many insights and awareness that will greatly enrich your life.