The Shifting Sands Of A Personal Path

Over the last 30 years I have explored many paths as I have gone in search of ways to open my heart and expand my consciousness.  I have done yoga and tai chi as physical practice and walked many miles in meditation.  I have sat quietly, chanted, had teachers and lived in a spiritual community.  I have studied the ideas of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, the Tao, Shamanism, and more.  I have spent time with teachers/holy people like Ram Dass, Mother Meera, Thich Nhat Hahn and others and been blessed by who they are and the light they spread. 

Now it seems my path can only be through me.  I don’t know if there is a God and who is there is I can seek help from but inside I know there are clear callings, guidance made available, and a heart that knows when I am on track or off.  So it is that today I choose to drop all old beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong and totally give myself over to the truth of the moment. 

This decision to leave the old bricks of a belief system behind is not done easily for someone like me because I have a part of me that wants to learn from those that know so I can know.  I seek to have enough knowing so I can feel like I am enough.  That is part of the past brick structure that I willingly let go of because it has held me back. 

The seeker part of me is excited about deepening my own path which I have until now constructed more in reaction to the information I got while exploring the truths of others.   Now I understand that the wisdom of others is not to be acquired but be used to expand what is possible in my own seeking of truth.  Therefore my path is now my own unique way and if by chance it can inform or enhance the way of others I will share what I learn as others have shared what they have learned. 

Today as I was walking on the beach I sense that I was trying to apply techniques I had gained along the way and feeling frustrated that they were not working.  How can they work if they are someone else’s techniques?  This gets me excited because now I get to create my own techniques and since I love being creative this is even more energizing. 

The following are some ways I know intuitively will work for me because I have already explored and used them.  I am not claiming they are unique to me and these ways may seem similar to other people’s paths but each will have my own spin informed by my heart and my higher self. 

Walking in nature being present to the walk with the mind, eyes, and senses taking in all that surrounds me, thinking, feeling, and sensing what is

Sitting or lying quietly and letting my inner guidance, images, and energies show me where to be in the now

Doing different forms of creativity including singing/sound making, movement, writing, collages, drawing and painting and other ways the creative juices might flow

Taking in new ideas to bounce off of so that my understanding can be enriched by the understandings of others

Removing old structures as I get a glimpse of them throughout my daily living and instead creating more freedom to be present and alive to what is

Be as fully present as possible in whatever I am doing

If you have methods that are unique to you and you want to share them please feel free to share them here at the Explore Life Journal.