Consciousness Equal Self-Esteem

“Your sense of self is determined by where you are focusing your consciousness.” This quote is by Michael Singer in The Untethered Soul which I now think is one of the most enlightening books I have ever read.   Your sense of self deeply affects how you experience your life.

If you have a poor or low sense of self: you need to seek lots of approval from outside of self; your relationships are often with people who also have a poor self-esteem; you don’t trust yourself or others; you are run by self-doubt and fear; you end up taking on others people’s points of view because you doubt your own; you get often trapped by your own mind and don’t feel free or happy; and the many other limiting consequences of low self-esteem.

If you have a expanding positive sense of self: you tend to believe in who you are and trust your inner guidance; you enter into more supportive and healthy relationships; you are more open in your mind and heart; you create more success; you feel more freedom and experience more happiness; you are more present to life and to your higher nature; you live according to the truths you have discovered; you sense your purpose and live it with passion; and other uplifting ways of being in the world.

What are healthy and expansive ways of focusing your consciousness?  See how these ideas will enrich your life:

Being present and putting your attention on the now (not wasting your focus on the past or the future)

Seeing and experiencing the beauty and wonder of life, nature, those around you, and your own spiritual nature

Living daily in appreciation and gratitude for your life

Turning your heart always toward love, compassion, kindness and giving

Keeping you mind open, exploring and learning in search of deeper truths

Appreciating and caring for the aliveness of your body, its energy and emotions

Being accepting of self, others, different viewpoints, and focusing on the oneness and unity you share with all beings  (putting the judging mind to rest)

Seeing yourself as empowered and able to create the life you want full of purpose, passion, peace, love and happiness

So if you want to be happy and feel free to create the life you desire then bring your consciousness into alignment with what will take you higher.