Can Politics Be Informed By Higher Consciousness?

Today on my run I explored a trail nearby and followed a sign to sign to a huge Sitka Spruce that was 15 feet wide and close to 200 feet tall.  The tree is around 500 years old.  I would sure love to tap into what this tree knows about the wisdom of nature and the universe.

There has been so much going on politically in the news that I find it very hard not to comment on many things because it all seems full of nonsense, dominated of the ego-mind, so lacking in compassion for fellow humankind, and little or not evidence of true wisdom and higher consciousness.  I keep thinking what can I do to make a difference?  If I go more political that seems like it will end up just a discussion with like-minded people who have open minds and little or no affect on those that are already sure they are right and everyone else is wrong.   I can tell you clearly I don’t have the answers but I am 100% confident that more love and compassion, more seeking the truth and higher consciousness will make things better.  What do you think?

My work of spreading love and light, compassion and consciousness needs to make contact with those who are open and ready to expand.  I want to spread love and light with clarity and the passionate energy that will assist others to awaken more to their own inner knowing and the kindness of their heart.   How to reach those that are closed has to avoid politics and religious beliefs but instead explore what can be felt and known as truth. 

Watching the mind is the kind of agenda free practice that I think is universally helpful and not threatening.  Feeling the energy of our heart and the emotions that flow through also can be done in a neutral way.  As I write this I realize that anything done with neutrality will work better of course.  Dropping all energy of conviction and pushing for change and instead welcoming a joint effort in exploration seems more powerful and much less ego driven. 

Another step toward clarity is what this picture makes me think of.

I am writing this to kind of sort out what I am doing next.  Just in the last day or so I have felt the desire to start getting more focused and move into action.  I am sure greater clarity is needed but that will come. Have a good day.