Why Not Have Compassion For Those Who Suffer From Natural Disasters?

It is my hope that everyone impacted by the storm on the East Coast get the help and support they need.  I have to say something about the heartless political types that say hurricanes and earthquakes are messages from God.  This sounds like the consciousness of beginning Sunday school class.  Frankly I prefer to be led by people who think expansively not run by a guilt filled agenda of some narrow point of view.  These same politicos are often against federal aid to those hurt by the disasters.  I wonder if they missed the Sunday school class about compassion for each other.  Our nation and we the people are very compassionate and those that are not would not make good leaders. 

I find myself wondering why all this nonsensical opinion of the ego-mind gets so much press?  It is almost like the agenda of the corporate media is to normalize crazy thinking and to highlight the ego?  It seems like most people would get really tired of having to listen to people who seem so self-important and closed in their minds and hearts?

There is no question in my mind that you and I have to be the forces for positive change guided by the wisdom of expansive thinking and the compassion of an open heart.  The old ways of ego-driven agendas are not sustainable because they lack the deeper knowing of consciousness that can only arise in the present.  Ideas frozen in the past cannot be the guiding wisdom for the future because they do not incorporate what we can learn by shared conversation and a larger global consciousness.  (I will write more about global consciousness and my experience with it soon.)

Please let us all take the time to have compassion for those that seem so unaware and are run by a fear-based agenda.  It most be a very painful way to live in the world.  Imagine the inner stories they must have to keep alive to even be okay with how they experience themselves and the world. 

There is an easier way.  We can stop all the need to be right and in control and instead slow down enough to appreciate the moment.  We can go in search of our heart and find more ways to love.  We can open up to new ideas, to knowing our higher nature, and to being at peace with ourselves.