We Are All One On This Planet

Last night around 10pm Bobbi, Pax and I went out across the street to the ocean and sat on a bench (Pax sat on the ground not that interested) and looked up at the stars.  The night was very clear and it seemed as if the Milky Way was close enough to touch.  The darkness here at night away from any city makes the stars so bright and clear.

In my recent exploration of higher realms I have had a few very powerful experiences.  Each day I have been traveling through out-of-body experiences and going to really interesting places.  One I would like to share was when I left my body and experienced myself expanding and expanding until I felt as if the Earth and myself were one.  In this moment of realizing global consciousness I was filled with energy and excited by the insight that yes the planet is a living organism and I am at one with it.  We are all one with this beautiful ocean covered life form. 

This living planet although huge to all of us who live here, is in fact not much bigger than a small rock compared to the rest of the universe.  How is it that we humans get so over inflated about ourselves when in the true scheme of the universe we are totally insignificant?  The humility of really contemplating our insignificance is a great reminder to relax and let things go in our life because they really don’t matter. 

What causes us so much suffering is that we don’t let things go.   Instead we go over and over again how we have been wronged or how we are not ok or whatever the mind obsesses about.  This self-inflicted suffering is not necessary.

In global consciousness, we are all one, together, sharing so much more than we have differences.  What we do in our daily lives affect the whole because we are connected.  If we are kind, loving, and compassionate those vibrations spread to all.  If we are open we can give and receive from each other.  If we care enough to consider our actions then everyone benefits.  If we find our own way to peace others feel the waves of that in their lives. 

Yes we are all connected at a very deep level and to think differently means the mind is closed down to see the reality of a much greater truth.  Each of us on this planet is part of the family of humanity on a planet called Earth, in a solar system somewhere in the Milky Way.  So much more common than different is the truth and that common ground offers a great hope for the human race.

Global oneness will be another part of the theme of my work as it evolves into the greatest of understandings.  You and I and everyone not matter our beliefs or points of view are brothers and sisters and together we can make the world a reflection of that truth.