From 9/11 To Peace

Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and it is time to redirect the course of this nation after that terrible day.  The previous president saw the attacks on 9/11 as a reason to go to war.  Since that time we as a government can’t seem to get enough war.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and who knows what is going on that is kept in the dark.  The cost of these wars is budget busting, the lost of life unacceptable, the focus of our resources damaging in so many ways, the behavior of war-making so unenlightened, and if there are benefits he can only be for those who profit from them.  

This need to be in wars our government is obsessed about is the work of the primitive, ego-driven mindset of control, power and win.    Update: no one wins a war everyone in the war looses so much.  Those that say we have to win these wars have no sense of compassion for all the loss that takes place.   The way of war is obsolete because it is wrong at so many levels including at the level of us being spiritual beings.  Spiritual beings do not kill each other; they practice peace and compassion.

The killing of the bad guys is from the cowboy days of TV.  This is our government involved in killing other human beings for oil, for power, and for profit.  Haven’t we grown past that mentality yet?  What will it take for us to evolve enough to move toward cooperation and the realization that we are all part of the Earth family? 

I encourage everyone who cares about peace to find a way to get involved in making that happen.  There is a new peace intention project/experiment that wants people to get involved.  Check that out here: 

There is an 11-11-11 at 11:11 peace and effort check that out here:

There are also many other programs that have been working for peace for years.  Please find a program you can feel good about and get involved.  Also for each of us to start an inner program of peace would be helpful.  If you find that you are not peaceful much of the time then maybe it is time to make some changes from the inside and raise your energy to positively affect others.  I offer a free guide to Inner Peace here at my site that I wrote and know it will be very beneficial.  Look under free stuff above and download the guide. 

You and I can make a difference.  Are you ready for the challenge of claiming your own power through more compassion and higher consciousness?