Opening To A Broader Perspective

We can all use a broader perspective because we have our blind spots, our limiting beliefs, things we need to be more aware of, feelings to understand, new human discoveries to explore, recent insights to integrate and more.   A broader perspective means we are able to grow, be more successful, have more meaningful relationships, become a more conscious human being, give more to the world because of more inner resources, and in general be a more self-realized human being.  A closed mind, a guarded point of view, an ego-driven sureness that we are right and others are wrong all add up to a narrow perspective that leaves us out of touch with what new insights and wisdom can arrive in the now.

What would a broad perspective include?  That question got me thinking and here is what I came up with:

Global consciousness – This is the realization of the unity of all of us on this planet.   We are one.  We share so much more commonality than we are different.  Earth is a small planet in a vast universe.  We are much more a planetary family then all the artificial boundaries we have created.  In the realization of the unity is great freedom to explore what we can create together.

Higher Nature - If we take the time to go inward and see who we are, we would come in touch with our Higher Self, our soul, our spirit or whatever we would call it.  This aspect of who we are is infinite and eternal; it is one with the Creative Force/Source of the universe.   The more we explore our higher nature the higher will be our human expression.

Impartial Witness Self – There is an aspect of us that is the non-judging watcher.  It is the capacity to step back and see that we are not our personality or ego but in fact much more.  This observer in us is part of our higher nature and is totally available to us now if we go inward.  This Impartial Self can provide us with all the wisdom, insights and awareness we need to keep growing for a lifetime.

Beyond Boundaries – We humans have created so many boundaries including: religious, nationalistic, political, social, and others most of which are rigid and narrowly defining.  These are just ideas we give meaning to but don’t really exist other then as thoughts.  The astronauts discovered when they orbited the Earth that there are no boundaries.  All deeper truths of religions are variations of similar themes and do not have to be boundaries from a broader perspective.

Beyond Beliefs – Beliefs are just ideas we become attached to and are mostly unwilling to examine.  Beyond beliefs is an open every expanding possibility.  Questions always provide new insights and take us beyond the beliefs learned from others toward our own truth.

Creative Beings – Each of us has the ability to be creative in endless ways.  There never has been found a limit to human creativity.  Being creative is one of the most alive ways to live as a human being.  If we create our heart sings and often times our creation makes the hearts of others sing.

Spiritual Beings – We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience.  The human part of us gets caught up in the dramas of life but that isn’t who we are.  We can experience ourselves as free beings hanging out in bodies enjoying the journey of being human.  We each have endless potential and possibilities waiting to be purposefully expressed in our own unique way. 

Infinite Heart – There is no limit to how much we can love.  We can have compassion for everyone and act with kindness to all we meet.  We can love, love, love and love some more and have more to give.  When we love we feel most alive and closes to our divine nature. 

How else can we be broader in our perspective?