Deepen The Relationship With Self

What do you need to let go of to move your life forward?  Where have you gone off track?  What are you searching for on a deeper level?  Are you freed up enough inside to move past what has held you back before?  Is the work you do satisfying on the level of meaning and purpose?  Are you able to create meaningful relationships?  Is your heart generally open or protected?  When was the last time your really felt happy? 

Questions are so important.  If you are good at asking yourself probing questions, you can become more aware and keep growing.  How come so many people quit growing and instead hunker down to try to just hang on to what they got?   Can holding on and holding your breath through life do anything positive?

This is a picture of the the sunset last night here on the Oregon Coast.  I am always inspired by such moments of beauty.

Over the weekend I spent time with someone I knew in the past.  This person has some excellent qualities but seems very uncomfortable with silence and may not know how to form deeper relationships.  This got me thinking about how many people are uncomfortable with themselves and their lives.  They may not even know they would benefit from sitting quietly and beginning to build a deeper relationship with themselves.   This tuning inward and getting to know the voice of the ego and the voice of their higher nature/soul would significantly enhance their lives. 

The benefits of building a deeper relationship with yourself are many: 

  • You can be more accepting and comfortable with who you are
  • You can have more fun
  • You can be open to deeper experiences with others
  • You can learn to be ok with yourself even in the quietest moments
  • You can feel more relaxed
  • You can create greater success
  • You can feel alive and full of life
  • You can live in true freedom
  • You can open to love and find compassion for self and others
  • You can find your purpose and live it with passion
  • You can heal the past
  • You can attract abundance into your life
  • You can find peace of mind
  • You can join in unity of consciousness of all beings
  • You can find hope
  • You can open to the wonder and beauty of life
  • You can let others get close
  • You can access the intuitive genius within
  • You can open to the great wisdom of the universe

There are many more benefits that can be added to this list.  How is your relationship with yourself?