What Do You Feed Inside, Love Or Fear?

The side with the most energy will win.  This is not an invented competition like Monday Night Football and it will determine the future of the planet and all of us who live here.   The energy I am talking about is the energy of love or the energies of fear and hate.  These represent the two poles of human emotional energy.  The collective energy of human emotions shapes the experience and evolutional progression of humanity.  If love wins we will have a compassionate world where peace and freedom for all is possible.  If fear and hate win then we will live in chaos and few will have any true peace or freedom. 

So what are you feeding on the planet, are you spreading the energy of love or living in fear and hate? If you watch the news who do you think is winning the influence battle? 

The corporate media is clearly backing the fear and hate with their opinion driven and fear emphasized programming of the news.  When was the last time you saw a significant news program about the positive aspects of human beings? 

People with open minds and hearts spread the energy of love, hope, understanding and acceptance.  What would a world be like if the dominating influence was love, hope, understanding and acceptance?  

What if you are interested in a world full of love, peace, freedom, hope, harmony, happiness and understanding, how would you help make that happen?  If you prefer a world of fear and hate it is easy to know what to do. Spread fear and hate and teach your children to be afraid, judge people who are different and hate those who question your thoughts.  This emotional energy creates much human suffering.

If you want a world based on love then love is what you need to spread.  Unconditional love is love you give freely without expectations and is the purest form of love.  There are many ways to express this form of love through acceptance, compassion, kindness, caring, encouragement, support, and more.  This energy lifts the collective vibrations of all humanity.  

If you want to increase the feeling of love within you and out into the world there are some simple methods:

You can use affirmations like:  I am filled with love today and I spread it wherever I go; my heart is a powerful transmitter of love that surrounds the planet for the good of all beings; or my purpose today is be loving in all that I think, say or do.

You can do a visualization like in my previous post.

You can explore ways to be compassionate and kind to all those you interact with today.

Let’s Go Love!!!