Let Your Heart Spread Outward

I have an idea.  I will write more about the why of this in my next post after this weekend. Let’s all raise our vibrations so that what we are sending out it love, unconditionally love for all beings on the planet.  How much energy would that take?  Maybe as much as it would take to get up and go drink some water, or go pour a bowl of cereal.  So not much, how about a little effort right now and a little more later and a little more a little later?

This is a simple practice you can do in just a few minutes to raise your vibrations, open your heart and bless the planet with your love. 

The amazing bonus is you feel great from doing this practice:

  • Sit back take three long relaxed breaths emphasizing the exhale.  If you need to take three more do so.  The goal is to begin to slow down. 
  • Once you start to slow down appreciate what this relaxing response feels like. 
  • Tune in close your eyes and just be with yourself for a moment. 
  • Now image a light in your heart.  (If you want imagine that light coming through you from the Source of the Universe.) 
  • Now imagine that light filling your body with accepting, healing and peaceful love. 
  • Next imagine this light expanding so that it fills your home. 
  • Once you feel the light of your heart starting to expand out of your body into the world let it keep spreading until it surrounds and blankets the Earth. 
  • Now imagine the light of your heart loving everyone without exception. 
  • See the love vibration lifting all of humanity to new level of compassion, understanding and consciousness. 
  • Bask in the good vibrations for as long as you want to and enjoy. 
  • Then when you are ready bring the focus of your light back within. 

That was easy wasn’t it?  How do you feel?  The world is a better place because of you taking the time to do this.  Thank you, we all appreciate your efforts.