There Is No Armageddon

How come we let politicians and those shouting ministers even talk about Armageddon because it is such nonsense poorly hidding its purpose which is clearly to do one thing, stir fear.  There is no sin and guilt and heaven and hell.  We have nothing to fear but our own thoughts.

It is a foggy day here at the coast but my mind seems especially clear.  I can’t help but wonder how come we keep on choosing to fog our own mind up with the thoughts of others (those driven by their egos) who are more confused than we are? Thoughts of fear are not true unless we feed them by living in the future or anchored in the past.  Thoughts of hell are only as true as we let our minds create hell in our own life.  Sin is a word that has no meaning unless we believe the misguided teachings of others.  There is no Armageddon but many keep spreading this idea in the hopes of controlling the masses by trying to make people fear for their soul.  There is no reason to fear for our soul because it is totally free of the kinds of ego thoughts that limit us.

Isn’t it time for us to say, I am done with this nonsense, I am going in search of the truth.  Another person’s truth can never be ours.  The world is really messed up in many ways because we let false thoughts run things into chaos.  False thoughts are not sustainable, neither are false beliefs (most are), nor the use of fear, nor trying to control the masses, nor is corporate rule, nor is the workings of the ego-mind. 

It seems the leadership in our nation’s capital all believe nonsense, live in fear, can’t compromise and are run my egomania.  No wonder a Tea Party has sprung up unfortunately it is just more nonsensical egos filled with blaming and complaining but no real solutions.  Politics is really nothing more than a bunch of thoughts that people drive themselves crazy over. 

We create the reality we live in.  If we don’t like what we see, we need to take responsibility to be agents of conscious change.  There are thoughts that are not real and then there are the inner knowings from our higher nature, which speak to the truth as we can understand it.  These truths come in the quiet stillness of our higher mind not in a shout fest outside an abortion clinic or at the White House.    

In the quiet of this moment, you and I can know our truth and with intention and action we can invite others to find their deeper truths.  The biggest barrier is the ego mind.  Are we ready collectively to move past the ego noise to hear the uplifting peace and wisdom of our soul?