This Is International Peace Day

Today is International Peace Day.  I love peace and wish peace for the world and inner peace for all.

Here is a simple but touching YouTube Video about Peace you might appreciate

I send love and peace to everyone on Earth today.  I love you all.  My heart is filled with compassion for everyone.  My mind if filled with consciousness that I send to each of you in the form of light.  My body radiates health and well-being which I send to you in waves of soothing and healing energy.  My spirit which is eternal and without limits sends you an abundance of all you need to be at peace and happy. 

You are loved.  You are inspired by the light of the unity in all of us.  You are healed by the source within and the Universe.  You are never alone because we are all with you.  You are my brothers and sisters.  You always have what you need and you can open to abundance if you wish to.

In the silence of this moment please accept yourself fully, please open your heart to love, please open your mind to the light of our collective consciousness, please let your mind and body be healed from any limits to your well-being, and please be one with your spirit and let yourself soar.  Your light, your love, your well-being, your spirit make a great positive difference in the world.

Be Peace, Be Balance, Be Harmony, Be Light and Be Love