Moving Towards The Voice Of Sanity Inside

The ocean looks calm this morning and the blue sky is always welcomed here at the Oregon coast.  Lately I have been interested in how do we bring more sanity to the world when so many people are talking crazy?

What I mean by talking crazy includes: those that deny there is global change by our pollution even though almost all the scientist agree; those that want deregulation for business when that is exactly what got us into the mess we are in; those that hate government but then collect their benefits; those that hate people of other religions or other nationalities; those that think we should be in the wars we are in; those that spread fear as if we are all suppose to live that way; those that cheer for executions and letting people die from lack of healthcare; those that insist we believe what they believe; and so much more.

My definition of sanity includes: thinking rationally; being understanding; accepting differences; having compassion for each other; having an open mind; acting for the good of all; realizing we are all connected to each other; being patient; trusting in the innate goodness of each other; choosing to live with hope and courage rather than in fear; being humble; seeking to express more of our potential; building relationships; finding ways to work together; ending all wars and more.

Sanity comes from our heart and our higher mind.  Sanity is when you and I do things guided by our intuitive wisdom with compassion for self and others.  Sanity is loving and listening with a desire to understand.  Sanity is appreciating all that we have and focusing on positive possibilities.  Sanity is caring for each other knowing we are all brothers and sisters.  Sanity is knowing we have a purpose and that has to do with our heart and leaving the world a better place.

How do we shift from the voice inside that is run by the fear agenda of the ego-mind?  How do we move from hate to compassion?  How do we shift from critical judging of others to acceptance?  How do we let our higher nature guide us?  How do we find our way home to the wisdom of our soul?

Now is the time to find within each of us the voice of our soul or spirit, our higher self and pay attention to this deep wisdom and inner knowing.  The loud noises of those living in fear have become so present on the media but they are not who we are.  Living in fear is caused by losing touch with our higher nature.  We who ask questions and seek to express our highest good are the hope.  Let’s find many ways to let our heart shine and our consciousness bring light to the world.

I just returned from my morning walk on the beach and I was drawn again to the image of the ocean of consciousness and each of us being a drop in that ocean.  Because of the ocean of consciousness that resides in our higher nature, we have all the wisdom that we need to be part of the great potential story of our time.  That story is the story of how higher consciousness and compassion became the guiding forces in transforming humanity to a place of balance, harmony and peace.  You and I can be a significant part of that story.  Are you ready to take your next step toward being fully-realized?