Choosing A Life Other Than Fear

Recently I heard a very successful author being interviewed.  She has shared great wisdom in her bestselling books but in the interview she seemed dogmatic and so sure the listener needed to see the world the way she does.  As I listened I found myself uncomfortable at the point where her ego took over.  It is sad to me when the ego’s voice of the raised intensity of sureness takes over a human being. 

If you listen to talk radio the voice of the ego seems to be always blasting it sureness.  Many political pundits are dominated by the ego’s voice.  These voices reflect a world dominated by fear:  fear of other’s ideas and beliefs, fear of the so-called, “enemy”, fear of lack (even with much wealth), fear of being questioned, fear of change, fear of the unknown and more.  These fears turn into: the need to control; anger when they feel out of control; shouting to be heard; rationalizing everything they do; saying whatever it takes to put other ideas down; much critical judging of differing points of view; resistance to question their own thoughts and beliefs; have a exaggerated need to be right; ignoring the rationality of science and logical thinking if it conflicts with their thoughts; and inevitably the closing of the heart and the rigidity of the mind.

The world is a scary place when we let fear dominate our thinking.  However we can choose another way of being in the world:

Quiet the mind

Become acquainted with the silence within

Be mindful of our thoughts

Live in the present

Find reasons to be hopeful

See the beauty around us

Focus on what we appreciate

Fill our minds with positive and inspirational ideas (stop watching the news)

Focus on who and what you love

Spend time in nature

Go for walks and release the day

Do exercise we enjoy

Take time to relax and get the rest we need

Learn contemplative practices like mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, yoga etc

Find more ways to have fun

Be a member of a supportive and positive community

Find ways to express our creativity

Give to others through compassionate acts

Have friends that are encouraging and hopeful

Choose to be happy

When we live by these ideas they change the way we are in the world.  I have been exploring and practicing these ideas myself and with many others for 30 years and I am confident they will enhance a person’s life in many ways. 

Let me know how these ideas work for you.

Note: I am very excited because an idea for a book and its structure came clearly to me over the weekend.  There have been many inspired ideas over the past few years but this book is clearly defined.  This book concept fits well with my planned Guidebooks For Life series.   I am now enthusiastically putting the ideas together so I can start writing the book.  I will share more as I go.