Can We Afford To Let The Ego Continue To Dominate?

Recently I was reading that Michael Moore has received death threats because he speaks up for what he believes in.  It made me wander what kind of mindset/illness would a person have to have that would cause them to think it was ok to threaten or kill someone because of their point of view.  In the article about Michael Moore he told of the police calling him and saying they had a man in custody that had planed to blow up Michael’s home and maybe his family.  This kind of thinking that it is ok to blow someone up because they have a different point of view to me seems insane.   Isn’t all this killing people who think differently insane? 

It should not surprise us that people kill others over their points of view.  Most wars are rationalized as ideological in nature.  The Crusades supposed “Holy Wars” and since then we have been killing our fellow human beings because they have different beliefs then we do.  This kind of thinking is clearly the workings of the ego-mind.  The ego-mind has the ability to rationalize everything it does.   The ego is obsessed about being in control and right.  So obsessed that it can rationalize murdering people who think differently.

It is way past time for a change.  Here are some questions we all need to consider so we can be part of the solution not part of the problem: 

How are we working as humans to eliminate the ego domination of in our mind?

How come we allow the ego-minds of religion to determine what we should believe in and what is moral and what isn’t?

Do we need to educate people about the dangers of their own thinking?

Does it seem that all the strong opinions on the news are spreading the idea that a mind dominated by the ego is reality and acceptable?

Shouldn’t we question our thoughts if we are get angry at others because they have different thoughts than we do?

Why would it be ok to attack people who think differently?  Can’t we agree to not agree?

How come we fall into classify people as “not ok” just because they belong to another religion, have another skin color, belong to another social class, or have different points of view than the ones we do?

Why is it ok that racism/classism/religionism (maybe not the correct terms here but you know what I mean) are growing more intense?  

How come so many think they are members of the only one true religion?  Doesn’t that sound like the ego at work?

Should religious leader be spreading negativity and hate about other religions?

How come religious ideas have become so present in politics?  What about the separation of church and state?   

Are we a Christian nation?  Who determines that? Aren’t we in fact a nation that stands for religious freedom?

Should leaders be telling the people they lead what to believe?

Should our military be aligning itself to any one religion?

What would be a mature response to those who think differently?  How about listening to other points of view without judging?

Is a mind, that is sure it is right, open or closed?

Why would anyone be personally offended by another person’s beliefs?

Can a person be truly a spiritual if they have a closed mind or a closed heart?

Should we elect people to represent us that are driven by their ego’s?

Isn’t being absolutely sure we are right the working of the ego-mind?

How could we invite people to open up to a inclusive dialogue about all beliefs, about ways to eliminate the dominance of the ego mind in the world?

There is in each of us an ego-mind.  In each of us is the desire to be right, in control and look good (more like looking powerful or being somebody that matters).  Let’s see if we can’t notice in ourselves when the ego-mind is running our show.  Teach those around us to also notice when the ego is getting in the way of our heart, dominating our thinking, pushing people away etc.  If change is going to happen, those of us most awake will have to be the ones that lead the way towards more awakening and more hope for humanity.