No Karma, Just Enjoy and Express

It happened after I woke up in the morning and allowed myself to turn inward to see if I was available for a journey outside my body.  Quickly I left the resting body and went to a place where the feelings of peace and an expanded state were present.  After the part of me, away from my body, realized I was in an altered state there was a resource in the form of a voice made available to me.  Any questions that I had, responses came back without hesitation.  When I asked what was the source of this voice, I was told it could be defined as the collective consciousness or viewed as my higher Self aligned with the wisdom of the universe.   Higher Self or collective consciousness were presented as one in the same. 

With the voice offering answers, I began to ask lots of questions.  (If you know me at all, you know asking questions in one of my strengths.)   I wanted to know if we are here to learn lessons and become a better person?  The response was we are here to enjoy life as a human being and to express who we are as fully as we can.  The lesson part is not our purpose but may happen as we pursue our fullest expression.  There is no transmigration of the soul through lifetimes because each lifetime is unique.  However, in a lifetime, we may connect to the past, present or future journey of others through the collective consciousness. 

Each person is totally unique and the spark of life in each of us is part of the ocean of consciousness that exists in oneness.  In other words, the life force in us has no karma, is not determined by the past, and is totally free to express itself free from any judging of any so-called God force.  The voice clearly stated that there is no judging God, that is a human invention as are all religions.  These ideas of a judging God (beginning early in human life with Santa and “naughty or nice’) and religions (filled with judgment of self and others) are invented by humans for self-regulation but serve no greater purpose and in fact are not necessary. There is no such God the way religions would have us believe.  There is however a very enlightened intelligence not in any physical form we could identify with that could be said to be  the source and guide force of the universe.  We can make contact with that Intelligence only through our inner channels of silence and other contemplative practices.  There is each of us the full ability to choose a way of living that we enjoy and that expresses our uniqueness.  Every person is infinitely unique.  Happiness is available to everyone.

As I write this I am wanted to state that these ideas in the post are responses to my questions, not ideas I came up with.  I am becoming a more conscious human being but these ideas have come from a wiser source then myself.    

The truth is that we all come from the same collective life force/ consciousness.  We are not here to live up to any belief systems but to be ourselves.  We don’t have to suffer if we allow ourselves to step into the bigger picture of what is possible in us.  All the stories and drama we get caught up in are unnecessary because we don’t need to use them to make us better human beings.  We can be as free and happy, as we want to be.  We can choose to live life any way we want to because there is no destiny or greater plan or judging force.  It is up to us.

As I got up and moved around after this mind expanding experience I noticed that I was feeling outside of my ordinary limited sense of self.  I took Pax and we walked on the beach and for a while I sat on a log and enjoyed feeling connected to everything around me.  This connection is the true state of our relationship with the world.

These ideas may cause reactions in us and that is ok because they may disrupt belief systems and ideas we hold on to.  Maybe it is time to more closely exam how we are choosing to live our life and what we think is true?

This passage way through the ocean at very low tide makes me think of journeying to places outside of the ordinary.