A Movement Begins – Better World Together

Two days ago I was doing my morning meditation and a flash of insight came to me. This insight tied together so much of what I have been thinking about lately. A few months before making our move to the Oregon Coast a friend of my wife (Thanks Elizabeth) paid for her to have a reading from an astrologer she really believed had something special to offer. The reading seemed very timely and supportive of the major shift my wife Bobbi and I were making with our move and our stepping into the unknown metaphysically, career wise, and financially.  Along with the valuable information she received for herself, the reading also had a message for me.

Since I am open to guidance from the Universe, I paid close attention to the information my wife shared with me after her reading. That person said I was going to start a movement and it was important that I do so.  My initial reaction was that sounded interesting and hoped there was more information and insight coming. For the past 6 months or so I have been tuning inward in search of greater clarity trusting at some level that this message came to me for some specific purpose. 

Wow, that was a long-winded lead into this movement idea wasn’t it? I felt I wanted to lay some groundwork. In the process of creating a movement it seems that laying some groundwork is essential.

The Better World Together movement is about us coming together for the greater good. This movement is what happens when the power of compassionate hearts and expansive minds work together for a better world.

As I have begun to explore the idea of creating a movement it became very clear I couldn’t do this on my own. The only way any movement can happen is if people come together to make it happen. Coming together for the good of all on the planet is the idea.  When people come together with a shared vision or purpose there is a collective energy that gathers which has much more power than the numbers of people involved.

This Better World Together movement is timely because 2012 is a year of change, a year that seems destined to be part of a shift of significance. By destined, I mean it is the expectation of many that the times we live in are ripe for change and some would argue not a minute too soon.

With this movement in mind, I am going to shift my writing and energetic focus to building this movement. There is much to be done and I will need lots of help. More as this all unfolds.

Here are number of the pressing issues of our time that a Better World Together might address: 

Peace together – it is time to end wars on the planet and learn to peacefully co-exist

Prosperity together – we live in an abundant world and everyone should benefit from this

Compassion together – open hearts making a difference to those hungry, homeless, and in need of support and encouragement

Green together – the planet’s soil, air and water are being compromised and we need to change that

Learn together – our education needs to grow, be more creative and expansive. Life long learning and growth is essential also

Lead together – there is a need for the great compassion and expansive and inspired thinking to lead and govern for the good of all

Live together – it is time we figure out how to live with and enjoy each other and explore what we have in common

Hope together – with us sharing hope the future is bright with possibilities

Stand together – there are number of things that need to change and we can be the ones to make that happen

Love together – the time is now for the power of love to guide us all.


This is a movement we all create. I am just planting the seed and have a good size water bucket to help the process. I very much need your ideas. This movement is free of dogma and doctrine, and lives by the collective truth of all who are involved. 

A website needs to be created. I have a new book (Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind And Open Your Heart) ready with questions to help everyone who wants to join me in building a better world together. Soon there will be another short book on a basic idea essential to moving to a higher mindset in creating this movement. Most important -  there will be all of your ideas, your insights, your awareness, you inspiration, you intuitive knowing, your creativity, your energy and your dreams. Then together we can do anything and that anything we do will make a positive difference.

Lastly some inspirational words from one of the greatest of change agents Gandhi:

First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you

Then they fight you

Then you win

Winning is about understanding the deeper truths and living fully with an open heart and an expanded mind. This winning makes everyone a winner.

***Much more to come and please let me know your thoughts, ideas, hopes, interests and passionate purposes.